Top 5 Trucks With Second Row Leg Room

There are definitely plenty of people who love driving trucks and with these trucks you’re not going to have any problem getting all of your cargo where you want it and also getting the people you want transported as well. That’s because they have several different options for box size and offer enough space in the second row for all your friends and family.

ford-f-150-supercrewLooking for a powerful work truck? Then you don’t need to look any further than the Ford F-150 SuperCrew. This truck has plenty of power and it has a whole lot of space for everyone in your family. There’s 43.6 inches in the second row, which is plenty even for adults. That means you won’t have trouble getting to a work site or to a family trip with this.

toyota-tundra-crewmaxA little smaller and less foreboding than the Ford, the Toyota Tundra CrewMax definitely has a lot to offer. It’s got a low price and a large cab, which accommodates plenty of people with ease. The second row even has 42.3 inches of space and there’s still the box for you to carry any of your belongings you might need. There’s no reason not to love this vehicle, especially with the gas mileage it gets for a truck its size.

gmc-sierra-crewThis pickup is considered for light duty but it definitely looks rugged enough. Not to mention it has 4G Wi-Fi built right in. The GMC Sierra Crew is going to be one you won’t want to miss and you’ll love that it has 40.93 inches of second row space to go along with it. If you’re looking for a work truck you definitely want to check this one out. Then you can fill out this loan application and get one for yourself as well.

chevrolet-silverado-crewThis truck may be somewhat smaller, but it’s still perfect for getting out there on the road. In fact, the Chevrolet Silverado Crew is rated as the longest-lasting of full-size pickups currently out there. With 40.93 inches of space in the second row you’re also going to have absolutely no problem hauling around the family or even some of your work buddies. After all, that’s plenty of space for a full-grown adult an all of your cargo can easily fit in the box.

honda-ridgelineThe Honda Ridgeline definitely looks like a sleek truck that you’ll want to take into the city, but it’s plenty rugged enough for you to take on the trails as well. With 36.7 inches of space in the second row you’ll have no problem fitting anyone inside or you can flip up the seats and take anything you want along with you. This is not a truck you’ll want to miss. All you have to do is contact a car financing firm and you won’t have to.

The Pros of Buying at Auction

Have you ever looked at a car auction to purchase your next vehicle? Well there are a lot of things that you should know about them. For one thing, they can actually be a great place for you to go looking for your next vehicle, and you may not even know just what they have to offer unless you’ve ever been to one before. That’s because most people don’t even pay attention to car auctions and they definitely don’t think about going there when they’re shopping for a car, even though you’d think that would be exactly when they’d go.

An auction is a whole bunch of vehicles that a company is trying to get rid of. That means they’re going to try and get as much as they can but they’ll take whatever they can get for each one. All you have to do is walk in and wait for the car that you want. Each one is going to have some information about it and when you find one that you really want to get you can bid on it. Some cars will go for a lot of money and you’ll probably want to back out on those, but others go really cheap.

The best thing about an auction is being able to get a car that’s inexpensive and able to be fixed up. Because auction cars are going to need a little bit of work. Sometimes you’ll get lucky and get a vehicle that doesn’t need anything or doesn’t need much but usually you’ll need to do something. That’s why you want to take a few minutes to look over the vehicles you think you might be interested in before you decide to bid. You could end up with something that you really don’t want to fix otherwise.

Finally, you’re going to have a whole lot of options at an auction. If you put in a bid for a car and it gets too high you can easily start bidding on something else right away. You’re almost guaranteed to be able to leave with something so you definitely want to look at what’s out there and make a list of everything you’d really be interested in. You might have to make some split second decisions when those cars start coming up to the line, but you won’t have to miss out on anything.

If you’re interested in shopping for a car however, make sure that you have the loan you need in order to get started on the buying process. You don’t need to just sit back and wait for something to fall in your lap. There are loans out there for just about anything you might want, so make sure you’re getting that loan. All you have to do is apply for the loan right here and you’ll be on your way to getting the vehicle that you’ve always wanted. And it doesn’t even matter what your credit looks like because we get everyone approved for a loan.

Four Types Of Car Dealers You Should Avoid in Winnipeg, Manitoba

Car dealers are everywhere these days. They promise you a car today and assure you will have one before the end of the day and they actually stick to their word. This is of course, a good thing. The world is after all, in the microwave generation where everything must happen in an instant. Unfortunately, there are bad car dealers out there who happen to be keener on ripping people off than offering them any real solutions. They promise a lot and deliver nothing. Knowing or rather identifying them is hard because they all sugarcoat their words with all a car buyer need to hear. Here is how to identify them.

The unlicensed car dealer

They will tell you tales on why they are not licensed or how they are in the process of getting a license. The only one you can give anFraudulent-car-dealership-572714 excuse is the dealer with an expired license complete with papers to show that they are in the process of renewing their business license. An unlicensed dealer can rip you off and disappear after ripping you off. Looking for him or filing a suit to have their business assets frozen can then be a challenge. Simply stick to licensed dealers who are reputable and know around your area as good business people.

The know it all

It is true that most car dealers know a lot about cars. What’s not true though, is the common misconception that a dealer should help your decide make up your mind on what you want. Your dealer’s opinion is his own. You can choose to take it into consideration or not. Unfortunately, most car buyers always go to dealerships with their minds already made up on what they want, only to be convinced later into buying what they never even contemplated in the first place. Simply avoid any car dealer who in the process of explaining something, convinces you to ditch a choice you had already decided on. Think twice, or as most car experts put it, be an informed buyer.

The strange dealer


All he has to show of his business is a business card. He however sounds so professional on the phone. Avoid that car dealer at all costs. It is way better to buy a car from a friend than to deal with him. Any serious car dealer will have a neat website complete with a blog that features fresh posts every once in a while. Some will get featured in your local dailies and make a name for themselves. The strange one will not have anything to prove that his business is legitimate other than his business card.

The unprofessional dealer

car dealer

Customer service matters a lot in the corporate world. It is however, strange that even in the 21st century, only a few businesspeople know this. The bottom line here is to be keen on how your dealer will treat you right from the moment you keep in touch with his or her dealership. Any hint of unprofessionalism should make you think twice.

It is important that you look for the right car dealers who deal with No Credit Check Car Loans Winnipeg. Take into account the tips provided above in finding the right one.